3rd Quarter 2016

a terrific 3rd quarter meeting September 2016 including great conversation and wonderful food view BLOG post images … and an inspiring arts workshop see the results here … and for business meeting minutes


image #1  California Quails in Naramata by Mary Park   unnamed

blue fluff feathers attends/chicks clustered over purple/grapes sweet and round …by P.W.

soft infused light falls/on plump juicy grapes and quails/resting in the shade … by D.F.

sky colour filters down/the silver scales into rainbows/looking up at the sky … by K.B.

family of quail/colourful autumn orchard/peck on purple grapes …by M.G.

california quails/posing in naramata/chicks eating the grapes …by S.M.

autum colours quilted glassimage #2 Autumn Colours by Susan Mohler 

vibrant playful play/of colour in strands of lead/quilted glass encased …by P.W.

abstract colourful woven glass/geometry/warming winter hues …by D.F.

yellow royal blue/beautiful strips of glass/melds into a quilt … by K.S.

colours can surprise us/we think we know about them/but all see differently … by K.B.

stained glass art in quilt/great profusion of colour/cheerfully greets the soul …by M.G.

sunset glass  samples/catch autumn light in vintage /quilted glass pattern … by S.M.

image #3 Rusty by Jeannette Johannson 056

eyes beam astride grills/of rust.long ago power/lost abandoned quiet …by P.W.

rusty boardwalk truck/long time past its useful days/still pleasing to some … by D.F.

what stories it could tell/this rusted old hulk of colour/days,years pass quietly by … by K.B.

weathering away/rusty truck grill greets the eye/past meets present in form … by M.G.

days gone by/memories of time/regenerated with colour …by E.B.

clever design feels colours to show rust/captured the ancient authenticity  …by ?1

awake strut showing/spring to life all form/ bloom/fill the hill blowing in breeze … by ?2

telegraph cove’s own/iconic rusty relic/now watercoloure … by S.M.

image #4 Reflection Foxy Lady by Marilyn Graham

narcissus sees self/in mirrored pools of water/so too the red fox … by P.W.

curious red fox/reflections of his red coat/in the cold winter …by D.F.

oh wow look at me/I’m as cute as can be/now where is my date … by K.S.

is this my true love?/alas, if it is only me I fear/ where is my foxy lady?/ where is my foxy lady …by K.B.

a sense of frustration/what was once has changed/oh for a human’s tap … by E.B.

pause for a moment/where is this companion from/I wonder from whence he came …by M.G.

he steps gingerly to the edge/tranquility in the snow … by ?1

winter fox gazing/curious about the warmth/its own reflection … by S.M.

image #5 Tree #1321 by Jessie RolandDSCF2361

beach silhouette, sky/of vibrant reds blues yellows/tree evokes a poem …by P.W.

colourful sky light/would make a sailor take flight/to our eyes delight … by D.F.

the last tree standing/lonely, majestic, anguish/don’t cut me as well … by K.S.

the northern lights glow/quiet silhouette stands guard/be still o giant tree … by K.B.

tall, alone I stand/ my steadfastness contrasting/with cheerful colours …by M.G.

the beauty of a new day/the grace, the strength/the wonder of the tree … by E.B.

sea to sky the cedars fly/morning to dusk can be such rush …by ?1

chakra colours lift up and beyond/enlightenment/ tree stand alone strong …by ?2

silhouettes strengthen/the generous colours/of an evening sky  … by S.M.

image #6 Fishy Fish by Danielle Tyrethe fish

glassy eye aware/downward depp to safety swims/ fish of turquoise hues … by P.W.

oh he sees me now/look out he’s going to run/down in the cold depths … by D.F.

seek the cold water/the deep ocean is my home/oh radiant hues be calm … by M.G.

fishy sit likes to swish/eyes aglow say hello/ oh to dream and be seen beyond …by ?1

eye to the soul dark/to the depth below rising/hook line sinker chef …by ?2

great depths are explored/by deep and dark denizens/large all seeing eyes … by S.M.

image #7 Red Dreams by Kathleen Bolivar

sweet poppies blossom/natures fragile showoffs/ seductive centre calls …by P.W.

delicate red bloom/a heroin addict’s dream/gardener’s delight … by D.F.

a blast of colour/fondly delights the senses/ as rouge rests on black of night …by M.G.

colourful poppies/are clamouring noisily/over each other … by S.M.