Wendy Glos

Wendy Glos

Originally from Windsor, Ontario, Wendy aspired to move west and live closer to nature. This finally happened in 2005 when she moved to Port McNeill, Vancouver Island for a speech language pathologist position.  Creativity has infiltrated her life through nature and through her varied employment paths, which also included cosmetics and fashion sales, and travel agent.  She learned metalsmithing at Bloomfield Arts Association in Birmingham, Michigan.  She took painting classes in her younger years, and again in Port McNeill with local artists.  In 2014, Wendy sustained a brain injury that required her to downsize and simplify her life.  Listening and focusing were challenging, so she took online painting classes, gradually building her endurance for both.  In the process, she fell in love with mixed media painting.  She is an emerging artist, with a new website and Etsy shop and is eager to share her joy with others through her colorful expressionist paintings.

 Artist Statement

I’ve had a longstanding love affair with nature and the west coast.  So it’s natural that my art would embrace both.  My style preference is playful, and expressionist, with touches of realism.  Paintings typically start with colorful ink layers that interact with one another in enchanting ways.  Then the inspiration grows from there with using mixed media: acrylic paints, paint pens and wax pastels with the occasional collage element. My design esthetic embraces imperfections, which give an organic quality to the art – a principle of Japanese wabi sabi.  My paintings are full of botanicals and gentle creatures that are regional, from afar, or from my imagination. My work visits the realm of fantasy, and always comes from a place of joy.  A painting might overlay natural and celestial worlds, with touches of alchemy symbols both real and imagined. Rather than explain what I’ve painted, I leave the interpretative journey for the viewer to explore.

Wendy can be reached at

phone – (250) 956-9888

email – wendyglosart@gmail.com

instagram @wendyglosart

facebook – Wendy Glos Art

website – www.wendyglosart.com

ETSY shop – www.wendyglosart.etsy.com