Denise Idle

The name is Denise Idle and I am a full-time mixed media artist working and
living in the village of Port Alice, BC.

My work hovers in the space between the concrete and the abstract, where
equal value is given to the mundane and to the exquisite. Landscapes,
figurative, florals, portraits and still lifes, big or small – I love them all. I paint and
draw on a variety of different surfaces, but mostly canvas, paper and wood
panel. I continuously experiment with mediums such as acrylic paint, permanent
markers, pencil crayons and ripped paper collage. I believe that experimenting
has allowed my work to stay fresh, lively and joyful.

As a dreamer and a lover of all things delicious, I enjoy my coffee strong and my
wine full-bodied. I have spent my entire life savouring the world that surrounds
me and I see creativity as a gift that should not be squandered. This is what
propels me forward.

Why does art matter? Art introduces the soul to what is possible.

Denise can be reached at :

instagram: @idledenise