Christine E. O’Donnell

Recent Works by Christine

La Bicyclette
Red Breasted Merganser
Purple with Wine
5 O’clock beer @ the Nimpkish
Button blankets
Ride a Pale Horse
on the edge of the forest, near the oceans' shore

Christine participated in the ART! UP THERE! #1 spring art show & sale on Mother’s Day Weekend 2017 in Port McNeill

Box 33

Alert Bay

British Columbia V0N 1A0

250 974-2989

artist’s Bio ….

Being an artist IS for your whole life. From the moment you take your first breath to the last. It is  a general outlook on life, the way you approach things, and how you see things.

I, Christine E. O’Donnell, took formal training in art, starting in high school, then,

after graduation from high school, I went to a commercial design school called

Kendall School of Design, graduating in Advertising Design..

I worked a few years in Advertising and then  went on to the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, to get a Bachelors of Fine Arts  degree

After my formal training in art, I moved to Canadas’ west coast, living on a float house in the Broughton Archipelago.

I had two lovely  girls  and it was the most creative and challenging project I ever undertook.  The formative years of my children, from birth to school age, were the most challenging. It’s like working in clay or on a sculpture. You are forming the very basis of a being.

For twenty plus years I helped develop a small resort out in that area of the BC coast called Echo Bay, Gilford Island.  Our resort was called, Windsong Sea Village,

and for over 24 years I ran and managed a small art gallery connected with the resort that was called the “ARK Gallery”.

My husband and I lived in Port McNeill while the children were in high school and

Jim was manager and pilot  of WAG Air office in Port McNeill. I had a small art and matting studio connected with the airline office.

In 1997 I bought a house and moved to Alert Bay, where I full time began my own

artistic pursuits of painting acrylics on canvas and jewelry making.