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Glen Anderson: painting (Quatsino)

Denise BASTIEN: pottery (Telegraph Cove)

Don BASTIEN: woodwork (Telegraph Cove)

Kathleen BLOHM: pottery, mixed media, collage, assemblages (Sointula)

Kathleen BOLIVAR: painting

Laura BURNS: photographer, painter

Sara BURR: (Alert Bay)

Carmen BURROWS:     (Sointula)


Betty CARLSON: painting (Sointula)

Kerry CHRISTOU: christmas themed decor, Santas and wreaths (Port Alice)

Christine CORNELIA:         (Sointula)

Dave COUSINS: metalwork (Port Alice)

Marnie CROWE:       (Sointula)

Valerie CURRY:           (Sointula)

Debra DAVIDGE:       mixed media, collage, assemblages (Coal Harbour)

Monica DALY: carving and painting

Wendy DAVIS:    (Sointula)

Beth DUNLOP: painting acrylic (Alert Bay)

Janet ETTER:   (Sointula)

Courtney FRIGSTADD: musician (Port Alice)

Wendy GLOS: painter (Port Hardy)

Rita GRIER: pottery, jewelry, painting  (Port Hardy)

Tammas GROGAN    printmaking, multi media (Port Hardy)

Francis GUENETTE: writer (Port Alice)

Elisse HAGEN: jeweller (Port Hardy)

Kathy HARDER: painting (Port McNeill)

Geoff HEITH:    photographer, cinematographer (Port Hardy)

Regan HICKLING: woodworking (Port Alice)

Brian HIEBERT: drawings (Port McNeill)

Jackie HILDERING:   photographer     (Telegraph Cove, Port McNeill)

Daniel HILLERT: photography (Sointula)

Andrew HORY: woodcarving (Coal Harbour)

Jenny HYSLOP:                       (Sointula)

Denise IDLE: painting (Port Alice)

Caitlyn INGLIS: painting, sculpture (Port Alice)

Jeanne JAMES-HORY: painting (Coal Harbour)

Jeannette JOHANSSON: painting watercolours, acrylic (Port Hardy)

Porgie JOLIFFE: mixed media assemblages (Alert Bay)

Linnet KERR:       (Sointula)

Elaine KIESEL: felted wool, knitting  (Coal Harbour) 

Lore KRISTIANSEN: painting acrylic (Port Alice)

Jan LEHDE:   painting watercolour  (Sointula)

Rachel LLOYD: painting watercolour  (Port McNeill)

Debra LYNN: writer (Port Alice)

Gloria McALEER: fabric and fibre

Darrell MACINTOSH: photography (Port Alice)

Julian MAYHR: metal work (Port Hardy)

Yvonne MAXIMCHUK: painting acrylic, pottery, writing  (Gilford Island, Port McNeill)

Mary McKINLEY: potter (Port McNeill)

Michele MEISLER:   (Sointula)

Fred MIDDLETON: writer, performance artist (Sointula)

Susan MOHLER: stained glass, large panel  (Quatsino) 

Yolana MORTENSEN:     (Sointula)

Tim MOTCHMAN: woodworking (Sointula)

Albert MUNRO: pottery & ceramics (Gilford island, (Port McNeill)

NIC: North Island College students

NISS : North Island Secondary School students

Christine E. O’DONNELL: painting, drawing (Alert Bay)

Kevin Ogren: musician, art teacher

Claire O’SULLIVAN: sculpture (Port Alice)

Sally PEART:       (Sointula)

Rebeckah PESICKA Parlee     (Sointula)


PHSS Port Hardy Secondary School students

Breanna PODLASLY: pastels (Sointula, Campbell River)

Robin QUIRK: photography (Alert Bay)

Derrick RICHARDS (Sointula)

Sylvie RINGER: painting, drawing (Sointula)

Jessie ROLAND: paintings watercolour (Port Hardy)

Sheila ROOTE:              (Sointula)

Marc ROPER: woodworking, sculpture (Port Alice)

Jim ROSGEN:       (Sointula)

Jan ROSGEN: mixed media, collage, assemblages (Sointula)

Sylvie RINGER: art teacher (Port McNeill)

Stephanie ROCKMAN: writer, performance artist (Sointula)

Karen SCHWALM: glass painting, musician (Port McNeill)


Sonam SENGE:   (Alert Bay)

Robin SMITH:     (Sointula)

Sue STANTON       (Port Alice)

Joan E. STONE: painting, poetry  (Alert Bay)

Danielle TYRE: painting, ceramics (Hyde Creek / (Port McNeill)

Tyler WALLACE: painting, Alert Bay, Port Alice, Sointula

Wendy WARING: fibre arts (Port McNeill)

Pat WARRINGTON: mixed media, collage, assemblages (Alert Bay)

WATSON: woodwork   (Port Alice)

Marian WHITE:   painter (Sointula)

Sharon WHITEHEAD: painting watercolour, fabric, quilting (Port Hardy)

Deb WIGGINS: fused glass & stained glass (Sointula)

Laureena WILLIAMS: rag rug weaving  (Sointula)

Patricia Ann WILSONpainting, mixed media, collage, assemblages (Port Hardy & Coal Harbour)

Marek J. ZALESKI: film & movie (Sayward)