1st quarterly 2016

Our 1st quarterly NVIAS arts workshop, meeting & potluck was held on March 23rd. Patricia Wilson provides us a writeup with pictures by Susan Mohler.  You can find out more from the minutes of the meeting  or via the CONTACT US page on this site.

Ever wonder what people did to decorate the Christmas tree after the war? IMG_1883In a time of need with so little to work with, Susan Mohler’s family and other families collected the silver from cigarette packages to make a little Christmas bling. Susan shared with us the history of  a Hungarian Christmas decoration and then coached us in the making of these delightful candy wrapped gifts to hang from the tree. Of course we ate salt water toffees while we worked at wrapping the ones not consumed.


…afterward the potluck lunch was enjoyed by all and included Patricia’s Eggplant & Portobello Terrine, Jeanette’s rice and chickpea hot Indian dish, platters of vegetables, numerous dips and chips and a plateful of Mary’s cookies.


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